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Aloha! I’m WildFlower….


I’m a Psychic Medium, Author, Musician and Maverick Entrepreneur…. . In this video, I’m about to share with you a secret that almost noone out there knows about why people gain weight and why it’s so hard for most people to release it…. and I’m also going to walk you through an Energy Cord Cutting Meditation, it’s one of my simple Energetic Weight Loss techniques, it takes less than 3 minutes to do, and it begins to re-train your Energy Field to allow yourself to start to lose excess weight and have the emotional freedom you’ve probably always wanted, but didn't know how to have.


Now, I’m not one of those people in front of the camera that is just telling you about how to lose weight and have never actually done it myself.I would love to have never had any weight issues in my life, but that’s just not the case. I developed my Energetic Weight Loss Method as a way for myself to lose weight and well, it worked so well for me, that I decided to put it together into a class format to show you how to lose weight and keep it off for good. ….. I’ve actually lost over 50 pounds using the techniques I’m going to share with you today.


So, you might be wondering what your Energy Field or Aura (as us energetic professionals call it) has to do with weight loss. This answer will probably surprise you….. absolutely EVERYTHING!


You see, what I have learned from working as professional Psychic for over a decade, is that EVERYONE that is overweight is a highly sensitive individual....... and is most likely also Intuitive, Empathic, Emotional and easily affected by other people's energies or emotions.


I call it being “Energetically Sensitive” …. and if you’re overweight, you are most likely Energetically Sensitive as well. I, myself, am Energetically Sensitive and I’ve learned how to manage it to keep my weight and my mood under control.


I tell you this…… there are 2 factors, and only 2, that make you overweight. And most people deal with a combination of both factors. Factor A is Energetic Toxicity, which naturally happens as the result of being born as an Energetically Sensitive person without having the knowledge of how to manage it in a healthy way……. so, a big part of why you're overweight, is because you’re holding onto excess fat because you’re using it as a physical shield to block out the energies and emotions that you feel from other peopleinstead of letting your own aura (or energetic field) do it’s job properly.This is why there are many people in the caring professions – doctors, holistic professionals, counselors, intuitives, advice guru’s and the like that are overweight. They just simply take on so much energy from others and don’t know how to release it.


The other factor involved in keeping you overweight is factor B, which is Physical Toxicity. Now, this can happen if you’re eating foods that are unhealthy for your body, if you’re living a lifestyle that is toxic, have unknown food allergies or live in a toxic environment that contributes to your Physical Toxicity. Now it’s interesting to note that if even if you eat a healthy diet and exercise appropriately, if your Energetic Toxicity, or Factor A, is at a maximum level, it can actually create Physical Toxicity… and that is what happened to me. I was on Energetic Hyperdrive in my life and didn’t even know it because it had become “normal” to me.


OK… true story… here’s me in November of 2002…..

I was successful in my career, working as a Psychic Medium and Intuitive Marketing and Business consultant for Hollywood celebrities, best selling authors, TV personalities and all kinds of really cool people. I had a secure high profile career, a gorgeous little boy, an awesome home and some really good stuff going on in my life, including having just become a certified Reiki Master/Teacher.

One thing though, I was over 50 pounds overweight and no matter what kind of diet or exercise program I did, they just didn’t work for me… and for the couple that did, I always gained it back plus some within a few months. I just couldn’t seem to wrap my head around how I could be so successful in all these other areas of my life, and have such drive and ambition, but when it came to losing weight, I just failed over and over again… it was just this seemingly unending cycle. So, I set out on a spiritual quest… to take the next 6 months and find out what was holding me back from having the body I wanted.


During my vision quest, I realized that being a natural born Psychic Medium had far more to do with the diets failing me, then I knew. At the time, I had been thinking that I was just being a big baby or a loser (or NOT – pun intended) thatjust didn’t have enough discipline or couldn’t get things together and lose weight.


In 2003, I realized that I had been using the excess fat on my body as a physical shield to block out the energies and emotions that I felt from other people instead of letting my own aura (or energetic field) do it’s job properly.

And as I realized this, I created my own program to lose weight… once and for all …… I call it my Energetic Weight Loss Program …  and yah!, SUCCESS….. I lost over 50 pounds by using these techniques I developed and have kept it off for over a decade.

So, my Intuitive & Reiki clients noticed the slimming down I was doing and started asking for help losing weight , so I created “Reiki Weight Loss Sessions” to help my clients lose weight……and have helped many people along their weight loss journey. (see testimonial below!)

Then, some of my phone clients that I do Intuitive Readings for, started asking me to create something that they could use to start losing weight. And since they are all across the world, I wanted to create something that everyone could use.


Now, I did tell you that I was going to walk you through my Energy Cord Cutting Meditation…… so lets get to that….


First, lets chat for a moment about Energy Cords, what are they and what do they have to do with you being overweight?


Energy Cords are what connect you to every Person, Place, Thing or Situation. They are inherently neutral. Energy Cords are not good or bad, they just are. Now in a person that is not Energetically Sensitive, once they end a conversation with a person or leave a place or stop thinking about a situation, the energy cords that connect them with that person, place or thing simply release. Well, that’s just not the case for those of us that are Energetically Sensitive. We can be thinking of a certain conversation for weeks or keep mulling over and over in our minds what we could have done differently in a certain situation to make things go better…. you know what I mean.


So, here’s an example…. have you ever had a conversation with someone that you just feel drained after talking with them? If you’re Energetically Sensitive, you probably have. That is an example of connecting Energy Cords with someone and those cords staying connected even after the conversation is over. And people that have a high level of Emotional Toxicity tend to be far more energetically draining than others, those are the people that you need to be extra careful to clear cords with, immediately after communicating with them.


So, for those of us that are Energetically Sensitive, we have to consciously and mindfullly release Energy Cords ourselves everyday, and if we don’t, it really takes a toll and over time, turns into Energetic Toxicity, which in turn creates excess weight on your body. And that’s obviously what we want to avoid.


In my full program, you’ll discover how to detox your Aura, detox your body and create an ongoing maintenance plan to keep the weight off for good. Because what is the point of this if it’s not going to help you for the rest of your life… right!? And I want to create more success stories, so that the Energetic Weight Loss Movement keeps encouraging people for years to come.


By purchasing my Energy Weight Loss Core Principles Training System  today, you’ll get the 3 video courses that make up the 3 core principles of my entire Energetic Weight Loss System…. and in these courses, you’re also going to:


Learn how to release the excess weight you've been holding onto by reprogramming your body's energetic blue print and strengthening your aura and chakras (energy centers)


Release the Energy cords that you have connected to others to “re-frame” yourself, release your old overweight identity and reclaim your slender identity


Learn how the “fear of being attractive” can set you up for failure in your weight loss goals and what to do about it.


Learn how NOT to be an empathic sponge!


Learn how to do an “Emotional Detox”


Learn how to have GOOD personal and professional boundaries so that you can let go of your body fat trying to do the job for you.


Learn how feeling “overwhelmed” in your life can lead to remaining overweight


Learn how to eat what’s right for your body, detoxify your system and find any hidden food allergies.


Learn how to STOP being a “People-Pleaser” - putting everyone else’s happiness before your own - and begin to reclaim your true power to reclaim your life and your body.


Learn how important “Life Balance” is to losing weight and create your own personal “Life Balance Plan”


- How to stop putting everything and everyone else in your life ahead of your own health, take charge of your weight loss and make your health your number 1 priority.


Now, just take a moment to imagine ….. 

What would it be like to …. feel good looking in the mirror?


Imagine how it would feel … having people notice you getting thinner.


How much better would you feel … tossing out your ‘fat’ clothes… forever?


Only you know how you are going to feel when you finally get the results you want.


Plus, for a limited time, as a special bonus…….when you order today,

You’ll get a Freeee download of my Energetic Weight Loss Hypnosis Program….. it’s a key part of my entire Energetic Weight Loss System……. it helps you release the excess weight you’ve been holding onto by reprogramming your body’s energetic blue print.  All you need to do is take 30 minutes of your time to relax and listen.

You can listen to it anytime, day or night… many of my clients like to listen to it as they go to bed…. Each time you listen to this program, it will help retrain your subconscious and your energetic field for releasing excess weight that you’ve been holding onto.


You might be asking yourself “Why should I go with this program when there are so many other programs out there to choose from?” I’ve been there…. I spent 10 years of my life being overweight, as a child and as a young adult….. and I lost over 50 pounds by using this technique and have kept it off for 9 years now. This is about changing your life for the better. This is about long term success.

My program speaks to the unique challenges of the energetically sensitive and is different than anything else on the market. So if you’ve tried everything else and it still isn’t working for you, consider doing something different. In Matrix language…… do you choose the Blue pill or the Red pill? The choice is yours.


As Morpheus, from “The Matrix” movie says:“This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill– you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes”

My Energetic Weight Loss Core Principles Training System is like taking the RED pill.

Click the link on the page to get instant access to my program and start your Energetic Weight Loss journey today. Make this the day that changes everything for you….. so that you can be one of the success stories on this very page!

As always, wishing you Love, Health, Wealth and the Time to enjoy it.



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  • Learn how to release the excess weight you've been holding onto by reprogramming your body's energetic blue print and strengthening your aura and chakras (energy centers)

  • Learn how to have GOOD personal and professional boundaries so that you can let go of your body fat trying to do the job for you.

  • Reclaim your true power in your life and in your body.

Here's What You Get When You Order Today:

  • EWL Core Principles Live - Session 1 - Energetic Toxicity - Identify your own Energetic Hypersensitivities to create your own Energetic Prescription. Plus, release the Energy Cords that you have connected to others, begin reprogramming your body's energetic blueprint and learn how to train your Chakras, Aura and Energy Field to release excess weight.
  • EWL Core Principles Live - Session 2 - Energetic Boundaries - Learn how to STOP being a "People-Pleaser" putting everyone else's happiness before your own and begin to reclaim your true power to reclaim your life and your body. Learn how to have GOOD personal and professional boundaries so that you can let go of your body fat trying to do the job for you.
  • EWL Core Principles Live - Session 3 - Physical Toxicity - Learn how to find out what's right for your body to eat, how to detoxify your system and find any hidden food allergies. Everyone has a unique body, in this session you'll learn the tools to find out what's right for you.
  • EWL Core Principles Live - Session 4 - Emotional Toxicity - Learn how the "fear of being attractive", "fear of success" and "fear of being different than your friends" can set you up for failure in your weight loss goals and what to do about it.
  • Bonus Session 1 - How To Emotionally and Energetically Detox Yourself
  • Bonus Session 2 - How To Detoxify Your Body
  • Bonus Session 3 - How To Create Your Maintenance Plan

Plus Get This Bonus Hypnosis Program ($97 value)

  • BONUS - Audio Hypnosis Meditation To Release Weight While You Sleep Or Relax

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this online program work?

Upon payment, you will be set up as a member within our website, with your own unique user name and password. You should see your membership info in your inbox within 10 minutes of purchase (usually faster than that). If you do not see it in your inbox, please check your spam or other folders within your email account, just in case it went to another folder.

You can go through the lessons quickly, if you want to marathon it. Or you can go at a slower pace. Whatever works for you.


What do I get with the Energetic Weight Loss Core Principles Program?

Upon payment, you'll get instant access to over 6 hours of video footage and your bonus audio hypnosis meditation as well.


Does This Energetic Weight Loss Core Principles Program Only Focus On Energy To Lose Weight.... What About The Physical Aspects?

The Energetic Weight Loss program is about using both energetic and physical techniques to lose weight. This program is NOT about ignoring the physical aspects involved with weight, but rather helping you to identify ways to incorporate the physical aspects of weight loss that perhaps you hadn't thought about before - like identifying hidden food sensitivities and allergies, as well as choosing a detox plan to help jumpstart your body to release excess more quickly.


Is there a money back guarantee?

Unfortunately, because we cannot control how you implement this information, we are unable to offer any refunds. However, because at WildFlower Institute we are dedicated to helping each individual succeed, if you find that you are not seeing the results that you expect, feel free to send us an email at support(@) and we can set you up with a personal Energetic Weight Loss JumpStart Session with WildFlower to help you identify your specific fear of failure, fear of success, as well as your #1 weight loss block. Many people find that this Core Principles program itself helps them to identify these issues, but everyone could use some help sometimes, because sometimes you're so close to the situation that it's difficult to see clearly.

Does WildFlower offer private sessions to help people with their weight loss issues?

Yes, WildFlower offers Energetic Weight Loss Sessions. They are a combo of Weight Loss Coaching, Distance Oshune Reiki Healing and Psychic Reading using Tarot Cards. They are available worldwide (via phone or skype if you're outside of the US) to help you identify your specific fears of failure, fears of success, as well as your #1 weight loss block. As a first time discovery session, she offers a Energetic Weight Loss JumpStart Session for $97  - it's a half hour session on the phone (or skype if you're outside of the U.S.) to help you discover your #1 weight loss block.

Many people find that the combination of this Core Principles program along with a private consultation or coaching program helps them to achieve results more quickly. Students who have had the fastest and longest lasting results have gone on to do a 3, 6 or 12 month ongoing coaching program with WildFlower to address continued challenges they face while on the program. Click HERE to reserve your Energetic Weight Loss JumpStart Session. Once we receive confirmation of your payment, our office manager, Juliette will email you (at the email address you used for your payment details) with schedule availability. Late afternoon and evening appointment are available as well to help your appointment fit into your schedule easily.

Energetic Weight Loss Sessions - Ongoing Coaching Programs:

If you are super committed to your weight loss goal and would like to have the external accountability of an ongoing coaching program, you can also reserve an ongoing program as well. Once we receive confirmation of your payment, our office manager, Juliette will email you (at the email address you used for your payment details) with schedule availability.

Mini – Energetic Weight Loss Foundation Mini Package – One 60 Minute Session/Reading & One 30 Minute Follow-up Session/Reading – $395  Click HERE to reserve your Foundation Sessions

Basic – Energetic Weight Loss Foundation Silver Package – Three 45 Minute Session/Readings – $595  Click HERE to reserve your Silver Sessions

Gold – Energetic Weight Loss –  Energetic Upgrade Package – Five 90 Minute Sessions/Readings $1,595  (Regular price without package – $1,750) Click HERE to reserve your Complete Energetic Upgrade Package

What Exactly Is An Energetic Weight Loss Session?

An Energetic Weight Loss Session with Oshune Reiki is for people that have anywhere from 5-100 pounds or more to loose. It’s a a combination of an Intuitive Reading to help you get clear on the subconscious and energetic reasons for your weight gain and what to do about them, plus an Oshune Reiki Vibrational Healing Treatment that helps to clear the body of the energy patterns that keep you overweight. Loosing weight is not all about diet and exercise, it’s also about energy. During these sessions, we address all of the factors that have kept you overweight – including diet, lifestyle, exercise, self-esteem and sub-conscious protective mechanisms.

WildFlower created these sessions originally for her own health and lost over 50 pounds with these treatments. Her clients have had great success with these treatments throughout the years as well, loosing from 10 to over 100 pounds each.

During the treatments, holes and tears in your aura are repaired, your chakras strengthened and your “Energetic Blue Print” is balanced – allowing you to replace the need for protecting your energy with excess weight with a stronger, more intact energy field. To help you lose weight more easily. Includes a diet, lifestyle and exercise consultation. These sessions are done by phone using distance Oshune Reiki plus each session includes a Tarot Reading to help uncover the layers of issues surrounding your weight journey.



Please note that this course is sold for informational and educational purposes only. WildFlower has gone through her own weight loss journey and has compiled this information based on her own experiences and the experiences of her clients. She is not a licensed medical doctor. As with any weight loss program, we cannot legally guarantee that you'll get results from using this program or having consultations. Please consult your doctor before using any weight loss program.